for the love of cupcakes

There's no real love lesson here. I was just reading one of my new favorite blogs about cupcakes (I know, it's random; but who doesn't love cupcakes?) and I noticed that they recently had a couple of posts about "heart" cupcakes. I thought it was adorable (and kind of relevant for my love blog? I know it's a stretch, but isn't it a fun stretch?). So I looked for a few more blogs about heart- and love- themed cupcakes. I found this one, and this one, and this one! Not only is it interesting that so many people are blogging about yummy-in-the-tummy cupcakes, but also that they have posts dedicated to love cupcakes. I think it's great that people are making love-themed confections because it probably means that they are sharing them with someone they love. So, maybe there is a small lesson: take a break for the love of cupcakes.

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