book i love: how to say it for couples

This book is great! The author, Dr. Paul Coleman, provides very specific examples of how to communicate in many different situations. From discussing sexual history to fighting about money to listening with love to dealing with the death of a child, this book covers it all. Each brief chapter tells you how to say it, and maybe even more importantly, how to not say it. I think it's a great book that can help couples learn how to communicate with tenderness, openness, and honesty (as the title of the book clearly states).

Below is the description provided by the author:

Couples, whether married or unmarried, living together, or dating, often complicate their relationship with ineffective communication. It’s certainly no secret that the wrong word or phrase can transform a mild disagreement into a stubborn standoff. With hundreds and hundreds of examples of the best way to speak to one another, How to Say It® for Couples clarifies the most common differences in communication style between the sexes so couples won’t trip up.

More than just general communication advice, the book provides readers with the phrases and words to use in specific situations or on specific topics, such as in-laws, tying the knot, physical appearance, child-rearing, sex, and much more. Throughout, this unique guide reveals the secrets of successful communication, from how to cut back on nagging to what men especially need to do when they don’t want to talk. Readers will quickly discover their own conversation strengths and weaknesses and learn how to say the right thing in any situation.

Essential for anyone involved in a romantic relationship, How to Say It® for Couples is a resource that couples can rely on for clear, concise, state-of-the-art information about healthy, effective communication.

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