book i love: long distance couples

This is a great book for anyone in a long-distance relationship. It's a relatively short, easily read handbook with very useful, practical tips. Specifically, the book contains over 350 creative and romantic activities long-distance couples can use to help strengthen their relationships while they're apart. The best part is that you can usually find it on amazon for less than $7 or you can order the booklet version straight from the authors for as low as $2.50 (depending on how many copies you want)!

Here's a sample page from inside of the book:

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Dora said...

Well, based on that one sample page alone, that book looks a bit overly romantic.

I'm in a long distance relationship and I can't imagine my boyfriend doing any of those things!

I've tried though...sending postcards and little things like that, but no matter how much I hint hint and hint, he never sends anything back.

I know it's not that he doesn't care. He calls me and all that. But he's just not big on the written word, while I'm the total opposite. He's a talker. While I'm a writer.

How would you make that work?

Jennie said...

Although writing seems to be a very effective way to keeping in touch, there are still many other things that you and your boyfriend can do that don't involve writing. For instance, he could buy you a teddy bear that when squeezed will repeat a personalized message in his voice, you could use a video camera to give him a "tour" of the place you're staying and the things you're doing during the day, he could make a video about all of the reasons that he loves you, you could send him a little something that he likes, or he could send you something... maybe flowers?

I understand that some people are more romantic than others, but if you want more romance, you should tell him. If he loves you and cares about your wants and needs, he'll think of something. Maybe you could buy him this book and gently hint to him that some of those things would make you happy. Good luck!

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