quick love tip: hold hands

Hold hands with your partner. You can hold hands while going for a walk, sitting on the couch, lying in bed, or watching a movie. Either way, holding hands lets your partner know, "I'm here and I love you." Here are 10 ways to hold hands with the one you love.

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Graham said...

Quite an interesting post! Ever wondered what your handholding signals to people who happen to see you hold hands? That question was the central one answered in my thesis research, which will soon be published in Communication Research Reports.

Bodie, G. D., & Villaume, W. A. (in press). Men and women holding hands revisited: Effects of mutual engagement and hand dominance on attributtions of cross-sex handholding. Communication Research Reports.

Participants were asked to view a set of 12 photographs that displayed several variations of handholding behavior between one man and one woman. The pictures only showed from the elbows down. After each picture, participants rated the intimacy of the couple and their perceptions of who was "more powerful."

Results showed that couples engaged in coalescent handholding (aka “Intertwined Fingers”) were viewed as having a more intimate relationship than those engaged in "the passive handhold"; each of these types of handholding were seen as more intimate than "the one-finger handhold."

In terms of power, participants attributed more relational power to the individual whose hand was on top. In other words, outside observers attribute more power to one relational partner simply based on how the hands are positioned during handholding!

Although there were several other interesting findings (and this one study is not a definitive statement of handholding attributions), this was the crux of the piece. While my research does NOT suggest that couples who hold hands in particular ways ARE more or less intimate or that their relational power structure IS a particular way, it does suggest that others who view your handholding make judgments about your relationship.

If you're interested in reading and/or critiquing this research, let me know at gbodie@lsu.edu.

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