quick love tip: keep a love journal

Try to take 5 minutes out of each day to write a brief journal entry (anything from one sentence to an entire page) about why you love your partner. Maybe it was something that your partner did or said that made you want to write. Or maybe your partner didn't do anything, but instead, you just feel the urge to profess your love on paper. Whatever the reason, keeping a love journal will benefit you and your relationship.

Journaling about your partner will help you better appreciate him or her, and if you ever decide to share this journal with your mate, the experience can bring you closer as a couple and enhance feelings of intimacy between the two of you. Also, if you ever feel like you've been fighting way too much, looking back at your love journal can sometimes rekindle feelings you once had for your significant other and hopefully make you realize what's truly important. Interestingly, research (Floyd et al., 2007) has shown that writing down affectionate thoughts about your loved ones can actually reduce your cholesterol! So, start journaling today!

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