a love for halloween

It's almost Friday, October 31, Halloween is right around the corner, and love is in the air. Well, maybe love doesn't consume the air, but Halloween is definitely a holiday that many people really love. Whether it's eating all of those delicious Halloween treats, being scared at a haunted house, carving pumpkins, or dressing up as a sexy nurse, people love this holiday for many different reasons. 

I love Halloween too. BUT, I love "love" more. To honor my love of love and all things lovely, I thought I'd give you some love-themed Halloween costume ideas so that you too can incorporate your love for love into this spooky holiday.

First, you could be the Love Guru 
(a character from a Mike Myers movie).

You could also be a love bug.

Or a hippie who spreads peace and love.

Or a crew member from the Love Boat.

There's also this sexy woman with hearts all over her. 
This costume, by the way, is called the "prisoner of love" costume.

Last, but definitely not least is Lucille Ball from "I Love Lucy."

Whether you love Halloween or you just love "love" (which I'm assuming you do because you read this blog), dressing up can be fun for anyone at any age.

So, what are YOU planning to be this Halloween?


The Sassy Sexpert said...

Oh, I'm SO excited for Halloween! I'm going to be Alice in Wonderland and my bf is going to be the Mad Hatter. We're dressing very closely to the Disney versions.

Hah. And we're well aware how dressing up for each other will add some sexual spice to the night!

Jennie said...


LuLu said...

I love Halloween. This year we are handing out candy together. I even got him to sweep the porch. Only not very many kids go door to door any more. Cute costumes.

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