book i love: s.e.x.

The full title of this amazing book by Heather Corrinna, the creator of, is "S.E.X.: The all-you-need-to-know progressive sexuality guide to get you through high school and college." The title says it all.

I understand that many of you who read this blog aren't in high school or college anymore, but I also know that many of you may have children who one day will be in high school or college. This is not only a GREAT reference book for any teen or young adult who is sexually active (or deciding whether to have sex), but it's also GREAT for any parent of a teen or young adult to have in their library collection.

Below are a couple of reviews of this book:

"S.E.X. is a positive and informative all-embracing guide to sexuality by a dedicated author. Corinna challenges adolescents and young adults alike to be proactive in owning their sexuality by being true to themselves, all the while laying the foundation of knowledge and acceptance--key factors for the development of a healthy sexuality." -- Dr. Lynn Ponton, author of The Sex Lives of Teenagers: Revealing the Secret World of Adolescent Boys and Girls

"Sexpert Heather Corinna is the big sis you wish you'd had when you were a confused, pimply teen. Better late than never:
S.E.X. gives you the lowdown on gettin' down without talking down to you. Corinna's had a lot of practice as the impassioned empowering voice behind...the straight-up, sex-ed-for-teens site Geared towards 16-22-year-olds of any gender, S.E.X. covers the nuts and bolts of anatomy in a tone that's conversational, not cutesy. There is also plenty of value for old dawgs (like the checklist of unhealthy post-breakup behavior). In a segment titled "Ten Bodacious Ways to Boost Body Image," Corinna put such a compelling spin on "looks aren't everything" that I felt my eyes tearing up. But it's her holistic approach and deft handling of other heavy topics, from eating disorders to abuse, that make this book a must-read." -- Bust Magazine

Overall, this is an EXCELLENT book that I absolutely LOVE having on my bookshelf!

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