quick love tip: make your gift

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your significant other this holiday season? Look no further! This year, you can try something new by making your partner a gift. While most homemade gifts don't cost a lot of money, they can become more valuable to your partner than any Xbox, iPod, or pair of expensive earrings. Some of my most treasured gifts from Hus (my husband) were made by him.

Check out these easy gift ideas that you can make this holiday season for someone you love.

A Photo Memory Book
  • There are many different ways that you can go about doing this. First, you can go to a photo book website like Shutterfly, Snapfish, or even Walmart, upload your photos, choose a book, and then organize your photos in the book. Think of a cute title for your book and you can even include captions with the photos. Second, you could create your own photo scrapbook (you know, with paper and tape). Choose a theme for your book and include photos and captions through out. A great theme for either of these books is a "reasons for love" theme. Here, you could provide 20 (give or take a few) reasons that you love your partner. When your partner receives this gift, he or she will treasure it forever.

Paint a Painting
  • Artistic? Get a canvas from the arts & crafts store, choose some paint colors, and create a meaningful painting for the one you love. From a modern geometrical design that matches your partner's home decor to the scene of your first date to an interpretation of what love means to you, painting something for your mate is an intimate way to express yourself and show your partner your true feelings.

Make Some Jewelry
  • Stay away from Kay's, Shaw's, and Jared's this year. Instead, head off to a bead store or arts & crafts store to make your own jewelry. You can read and watch tutorials here, here, or here to learn how to make gorgeous jewelry for your mate. You could even make a custom tag with your name on it to show who the jewelry is made by. Something like, "Custom Jewelry by Jennie" on a tag attached to the jewelry would be the perfect finishing touch to this creative gift. Not only will this save you some serious moolah, but your partner will delight in all of the thought and hard work you put into making him or her custom jewelry this holiday.

Create a Set of Candles
  • Instead of spending tons of money on expensive designer candles, make your own. Go to the arts & crafts store and pick out some unscented candle wax and something to put the wax in (either a glass vase or a mold to make stand-alone candles). Then, you can choose your partner's favorite scent and color to mix in the wax (By the way, if you don't find a color that you like, you can use crayons! Just drop the whole crayon in the wax and the color will spread through out.). Make sure that you strictly follow candle making instructions (You can find some instructions here & here) because you don't want to ruin your pots and pans or get your candle stuck in a mold. Once your candles have hardened, there are many different ways that you can decorate them including, glueing a ribbon around the bottom or glueing small items to the bottom half of the candle. These candles work great for people who need to take a break, sit back, and relax. You could even include some massage oils and a "one free massage" coupon in this gift to be used with the candles. A very romantic and thoughtful gift.

Any of these gifts will wow your partner and express your love for him or her. For more ideas about making a great gift for your partner or someone else you love, see the following resources:

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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