quick love tip: express your commitment

Offering assurances, by stressing love, commitment, and faithfulness (Stafford, 2003), and behaving in other prosocial ways, by being positive and cheerful (Baxter, 1987; Canary & Spitzberg, 1994), have been identified as communication skills that effectively maintain long-lasting relationships.

Specifically, Stafford (2003) explains that assurances have been found to be a significant predictor of satisfaction, commitment, and liking in close relationships, with individuals in engaged and married relationships using them more often than people who are just dating. In addition, Canary and Spitzberg (1994) studied prosocial behaviors and found that being positive and cheerful was a significant predictor of liking and happiness in close relationships. Overall, expressing your commitment and being positive can make your partner feel loved, secure, and happy.
So, remember to tell your partner that you're in it for the long haul. It can make a positive difference in your relationship.
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The Sassy Sexpert said...

I think this is one of the most important tips I've come across. Honestly, even if things are not ideal - maybe too much work, too little time together - those little conversations or texts where we assure each other that we're not just together for the here and now but we are together for the long haul, make things SO much better.

We actually sometimes tell each other that "We're in it to win it" as cheesy as that may be it really means so much.

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