monday morning survey: romantic symptoms questionnaire

Love can make us feel like we're on top of the world. You know that euphoria that you feel for the one you love; it can be amazingly exciting, extremely trying, and wonderfully complex all at the same time. It's a world-wind of emotions. Researchers have created a wide variety of surveys that try to capture these feelings. Below is one of these such surveys that is aimed at measuring the amount of romantic symptoms you have about your relationship.

The Romantic Symptoms Questionnaire

Following is a list of feelings that may be elicited by the thought of your romantic partner. Respond with the word true for those that you feel and the word false for those that you do not feel. Respond in terms of your current (right now) feelings, not in terms of your general feelings.

I feel...

1. as if each day is special
2. that life is worthwhile
3. happy about everything
4. as if I were swinging very high
5. that he or she is perfect
6. positive towards everyone
7. high
8. energetic
9. in tune with my body
10. wow!
11. delirious
12. like counting the minutes until I see her or him
13. as if we live in our own special world
14. able to accomplish any goal
15. spontaneous
16. extreme joy
17. that he or she is the most beautiful person in the world
18. totally involved with him or her
19. oneness and harmony with him or her
20. in love with everything
21. a tingling in my spine
22. breathless
23. longing for her or him
24. tingly
25. light
26. carefree
27. like jumping up and down
28. as if I don't have a care in the world
29. generous
30. playful
31. fulfilled
32. radiating
33. beaming
34. accepting
35. preoccupied with the thought of her or him
36. good will toward the world
37. complete
38. thrills of anticipation
39. off in the clouds
40. constant euphoria
41. floating
42. able to conquer all
43. full
44. overwhelmed by my feelings
45. like acting crazy
46. as if the whole world were coming up roses
47. light and airy
48. purposeful
49. an increased heartbeat
50. flushed
51. unrestrained
52. oneness
53. loyalty
54. self-actualizing
55. exuberance
56. ecstasy
57. vigorous
58. bursting with happiness
59. whole
60. like a blind person who has suddenly gained his or her sight
61. that everything is good
62. an increased metabolism
63. fantastic
64. dazed
65. like singing
66. as if a rainbow were shining just for me
67. like blossoming
68. awake
69. sunny
70. all aglow
71. heightened sensory awareness
72. like exploding
73. about to burst with happiness
74. a big rush inside me
75. like screaming for joy

To calculate your score, simply add up the number of items you marked as true. For instance, if you said true to 50 of the items, then your score is a 50.
  • 85th percentile: men with a score of 58 or more & women with a score of 63 or more
  • 70th percentile: men with a score of 49 & women with a score of 52
  • 50th percentile: men with a score of 40 & women with a score of 46
  • 30th percentile: men with a score of 31 & women with a score of 38
  • 15th percentile: men with a score of 22 & women with a score of 29

*See my post about your relationship's romantic potential for an explanation of percentiles.*

Higher scores indicate more romantic symptoms.

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  • Mathes, E. W. (1982). Mystical experiences, romantic love, and hypnotic susceptibility. Psychological Reports, 50, 701-702.


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