quick love tip: improve your sexual satisfaction

How's your sex life? Do you enjoy it? Are you satisfied?

Well, a large body of research has shown that sexual satisfaction is extremely important to our relationships. In particular, individuals' satisfaction with their sex lives has been shown to be positively associated with their overall relationship satisfaction (as sexual satisfaction increases, so does relationship satisfaction) among both heterosexual (Butzer & Campbell, 2008; Byers, 2005; Nelson, Choi, Mulhall, & Roth, 2007; Peck, Shaffer, & Williamson, 2004) and homosexual (e.g., Tracy & Junginger, 2007) couples.

Researchers have also studied the link between sexual satisfaction and relationship stability overtime (e.g., Edwards & Booth, 1994; Oggins, Leber, & Veroff, 1993; Sprecher, 2002; White & Keith, 1990). For example, using data from the Early Years of Marriage Project, sexual satisfaction during the first year and fourth year of marriage was examined. Oggins and his colleagues (1993) discovered that couples who were less sexually satisfied during their first year of marriage were more likely to be divorced by their fourth year than individuals who were more sexually satisfied in their first year. In addition, Edwards and Booth (1994) found that married individuals who reported having more sexual problems during an initial interview were more likely to be divorced three years later than individuals who reported less sexual problems. Lastly, other researchers (e.g., Cleek & Pearson, 1985; Hill, Rubin, & Peplau, 1976; Sprecher, 1994) have asked individuals who recently dissolved a relationship to either evaluate a list of investigator-generated reasons or to disclose their own reasoning for the break-up. In this line of research, sexual problems and/or sexual incompatibility are often rated as at least moderately important.

Sexual satisfaction is significant. If you or your partner are dissatisfied, talk about it. Try to figure out what the two of you can do to enhance your time in the bedroom. Maybe you need to have sex more often or maybe you need to try something new or maybe you need to stop doing something. Whatever it is, the best way to become more satisfied is by talking about it with your partner. Need more help? Click on the resources below for ideas.

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