quick love tip: just kiss

Kissing is one of the more sensual acts you can do with your mate. It has the ability to enhance your sexual experience while also making you feel loved and wanted. Interestingly, kissing has been shown to release chemicals in the brain that trigger a wide variety of emotions. From feelings of closeness and intimacy to feelings of happiness and euphoria, kissing can greatly benefit you and your relationship.

In fact, Dr. Laura Berman suggests that couples engage in 10 minutes of uninterrupted kissing every single day. She goes on to say that this should be just kissing; not kissing that leads to other sexual acts. So, in addition to your sexual act kissing, you should also partake in a 10 minute kiss session with your partner each day. Making out just to make out (with no other sexual strings attached) is great for your relationship.

But don't forget about all of those little pecks through out the day. Those matter too! Kissing your mate hello and goodbye or for no reason at all are also great for your relationship.

So, kiss your partner first thing in the morning and then again right before bed. Kiss your partner when you leave for work and when you come back home. Kiss your partner when you're just sitting on the couch and when he or she does something thoughtful or kind. Just kiss.

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For more information about kissing, see these resources:


Pants said...

Um, I love this post.

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O.F.C.J. said...

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Jennie said...

Thanks to all three of you for the kind words!


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