student love tip: talk

This is a Student Love Tip by Kayla Ticen

Most people like to talk. This is very important when it comes to romantic relationships. When in a romantic relationship, if neither of you talk about your feelings or self-disclose information about yourself then the relationship is more likely to be doomed. Couples must talk about what is going on in their separate lives (for example: at work or what each other's families are up to) and their joint life (for example: their future together or planning a vacation). You must also talk about your feelings. If there is something that is bothering you or if you're upset about something, then it needs to be talked about and listened to. Otherwise, you and your mate could have all this pent up anger and aggression and then when that switch is flipped, it is going to be really difficult to recover. All of that anger is going to come out at once and some people have a hard time getting over an explosion like that. It's easy to talk and listen to your parter if you start from the beginning with openness. You will be a lot less hesitant to approach your mate about something that is bothering or upsetting you. Also if you and your mate are open from the get-go, you will not feel attacked or bombarded when he or she does come to you with something important to talk about. Being open doesn't mean you're good at just working things out and talking about your problems verbally, it also means that you talk about everyday happenings, such as work. Your relationship develops further because of these conversations. Openness and routine talking are a very important part of romantic relationships.

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