student love tip: comfort one another

Comforting your partner in his or her time of need is very important to maintain your relationship. To have a healthy relationship, showing your partner that he or she is loved is necessary. Imagine that you're sick, failed a test, or any kind of bad situation that could happen. If your partner, the closest person to you, does not comfort you, how would you feel about the relationship or even about yourself? One time, I was sick in bed because of the stomach flu; I couldn't even go to school. So my boyfriend was so afraid to see me because of his germ-phobia and so he waited to see me until I recovered. I was really disappointed that he didn't even come visit me once to ask how I was doing. I still think I could’ve got better faster if he was there with me and taking care of me. It's sometimes necessary to sacrifice yourself for your partner. When it becomes too much or too little, the relationship can no longer be maintained. So if your partner is having hard time, you should be the first one to comfort him or her. That way, your partner will feel that he or she is still loved and cared for by you.

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