student love tip: communicate about the relationship

This is a Student Love Tip by Juan Fabrega

I think that all long-lasting healthy relationships have one important element in common, and that is that the people involved communicate their views on the relationship exceptionally well. By this I mean that they are open and honest about what they want out of the relationship and what they are willing to give for it. It seems obvious that communication is essential for every relationship, but I believe that not all forms of communication carry the same degree of importance.

To me, when a couple communicates their feelings toward the relationship openly, it provides an opportunity for the couple to figure out if they are on the same page regarding their future. This could in fact be the most important factor in determining the level of commitment of each person and with that, the overall level of happiness with that relationship.

Couples that don’t spend enough time talking about their relationship in an attempt to define it usually experience doubt about the future of that relationship and can become unmotivated in their commitment to the other person. This slowly degrades the fabric of the original friendship, and can cause frequent arguments, fighting, and mistrust that can ultimately force two people to stop seeing each other.

To make sure that this does not happen, be open about you intentions and feelings. If you feel that you want to commit yourself to this person, let him or her know, and find out if he or she feels the same way. Also if you feel that you want a more casual relationship, you should be honest about it and not play with another person’s feelings; it's never good to burn bridges by trying to deceive someone for your own benefit.

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