student love tip: date

This is a Student Love Tip by Matthew Sumpter

I have two sisters, one just got married 3 weeks ago and the other has been married for 7 years. It's nice to see real world examples in real life and watch and learn through the good and the bad.
And, I think for every relationship wether you're married, engaged, or have been dating somebody for a long time it's important to continue dating. I think the important thing is to realized you're with the person you are now because of what happened on those dates. Even my relatives who have been married for 65 years have said the best piece of advice they could give to my sister when she got married was to continue dating. THINK ABOUT IT! You chose the person you're with because of the special time you set aside for each other. During this time, you would go out and interact and have fun together. If you don't go on dates anymore, where is the fun? And, it doesn't have to be a fancy-schmancy candle-lit date, it can be a trip to an arcade or a simple bike ride. But, the most important thing of al,l is that it's something special the two of you can do together, while laughing and having fun.

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