student love tip: define love

This is a Student Love Tip by Sam Martucci

You’ve probably already been told to use the L-word wisely. You also probably know that using the L-word can be romantic, special and heartwarming for both you and your partner. But what most people don’t like to admit is, many times saying the word “love” can be scary. In order to ease that fear you’ve got to ask yourself, “Why is this scaring me in the first place?” The answer may be revolving around a different concept that’s easily looked past.

Many people may define the fear by their inability to know if they REALLY love their romantic partner. Although this may be true, for many people the problem may lie in their definition of the word in the first place. What is love? There are so many definitions of that word and you could argue all of them are wrong for some reason or another. So it’s only logical to assume there’s a chance your partner might have a different definition than you. By communicating your definition of the word with your special someone and comparing your definitions with each other, saying the L-word could be a whole lot easier because you now know what it means to “love” in your unique relationship. I’ve heard some bad stories about what could happen when you don’t communicate your love definitions. For example, my friend learned this in his previous relationship with his ex-girlfriend. They both said “love” to each other with the assumption they both had the same definition. But when my friend told her later that he wanted to break up, she accused him of lying to her when he said “love” because that meant they would get married. Of course this shows how my friend had a drastically different definition of the word “love” then his ex-girlfriend, which ultimately led to much confusion and aggravation. If he discussed what the word meant with his ex-girlfriend, they could have found that although they both had strong feelings for each other, using the word love might not have been appropriate until they agreed on what it meant.

So talk to your special someone about what it means to love someone and maybe the decision to say the word won’t be so devastatingly hard. It may not be your inability to know if YOU love your romantic partner, but your inability to know SHE has the same meaning of the word itself!

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