student love tip: optimism is key

This is a Student Love Tip by Sara Wagner

As we all know, there are many tips for romantic relationships in order to achieve success and avoid failure, or termination of that relationship. Personally, I feel as though every “tip” is important in it’s own right and has something valuable to offer to the success to the relationship. However, if I had to pick the MOST important one, I’d have to say that I think optimism and positivity is the key component to any relationship. I’ve always been a naturally positive person and thus, it makes sense why this tip would hold the most weight in my mind. Life is meant to be challenging and full of obstacles, but rewarding nonetheless. Therefore, I think it only makes sense that we try to look for the good and stay positive in whatever we encounter in life. In a romantic relationship, it can be very easy to become negative and look for things that annoy or upset you. However, in order to make that relationship work and be worth it, you must look for the good and compliment your partner on various qualities and characteristics you value within that person. Tell your mate what makes him or her important to you and the reasons you love- or at least strongly like- your significant other. For example, if your partner always says a certain phrase or does a certain action like kiss you goodbye every morning, make sure you remind him or her of how special that makes you feel. Not only will this reaffirm the positive power of your relationship, but it will also make you and your partner feel loved and appreciated. I’ve been very fortunate to witness this love tip throughout my life in my parents. My parents just recently celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary and while every relationship has its ups and downs, my parents have really made the best of their time together. There is not a day that goes by that the phrase “I love you” isn’t stated after a phone conversation or a goodbye kiss isn’t given before departure for the day. They always make sure these two things are done on a daily basis, regardless if one of them is in a bad mood or has negative feelings toward the other. They know that above all, their love for one another can stand any obstacle or challenge and no bad mood or negative feeling is worth compromising the positivity or optimism that is carried out through the daily reminders of love. Being optimistic and positive about your relationship is crucial. If you are positive and truly seek the good in your relationship, everything else will fall into place and silly issues will become just that- silly. So, continue to look for the good in your partner and in life and let your heart wear a smile each and every day!

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