student love tip: spice things up

This is a Student Love Tip by Laura Green

Do you feel like your relationship is in a rut? We all know that feeling; you’re past the honeymoon stage and now everything seems structured and dull. You spend your days apart either at work or school and you spend every evening together. Well, why not switch up the routine a little bit? Instead of coming home every evening, having dinner, and watching tv for the rest of the night, plan activities that normally wouldn’t be in your schedule. For example, you could go to the gym together one night, try a new recipe for dinner and cook the meal together, or go on a spontaneous weekend trip together. Get the picture? Planning to spend more time together makes a relationship stronger! But time together doesn't need to equal boring time. Keep things interesting; keep your eyes peeled for new and exciting things you might like to try together. Spending time together can also involve other people. Go on double dates or attend or host parties with a big group of friends. Relationships are meant to be fun, so let’s keep them that way!

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