student love tip: work towards equality

Many of the romantic relationships that couples have today are unequally driven. In these cases, this inequality can lead to unnecessarily short relationships. It's important when trying to build a healthy romantic relationship that both people put in equal amounts of effort, time, love, etc. For example, a lot of romantic relationships that I’ve seen are as follows: the girl dates the "bad boy" and puts a lot of time into the relationship. She selflessly does things for her guy all of the time and tries to be close him a lot. The guy, in opposition to the girl, only thinks about what he wants, his needs, and puts the relationship on the back burner. He hardly gives the relationship a second thought and doesn’t realize things are going bad until the girl gets upset and ends the relationship. This example illustrates the one-sided relationship that many people unfortunately experience. For relationships to succeed, couples have to come to some sort of balance. Working towards more balance will help make relationships more stable and give them strength.

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