cartoon love: bitter chickens

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wise love words: learn to listen

Check out this article about learning to listen by one of my favorite love bloggers, Wendy Strgar.

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100th post giveaway!


To celebrate love lesson's 100th post, I thought I would have a contest for all of my faithful readers. Anyone can participate and anyone could win!

All you have to do is guess how many jelly beans are in the photographed glass by leaving a comment with your guess.

So, what will you win? The lucky winner will receive the first love lesson t-shirt!

The front of the prized t-shirt (shown here) says I "heart" Love on the front, while the back of the t-shirt has this blog address ( across the top. All shirts are black with white writing (except for the heart, which is red). And, the winner will be able to choose the size (S, M, L, XL) of the t-shirt that he or she wants.

This contest will be over on August 1, giving everyone ample time to submit their guess. I will review the submissions on August 1 and decide who was closest to the correct answer. That person will be announced and will have to email me their contact information so that I can send them their shirt.

Never posted on a blog before? Don't be shy. Just click the "tell me what you think" or "post a comment" button below this post, choose an identity (i.e. google account, anonymous, etc.-- you don't have to have a blogger or google account; you can post anonymously), and send me your guess. Remember, if you're posting anonymously, you'll have to write your name in the comment box so that I know who you are.

Good luck!

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