giveaway: vote for the best love lesson of 2010 and win one of my favorite date ideas of 2010


With the end of the year fast approaching, I thought that a contest was definitely in order. After looking at my blog stats this year, three Jen's Love Lesson posts clearly emerged as the most viewed posts of 2010. There were plenty of runner-ups like this one about gaining some perspective, this one about talking about your relationship,  and this one about winter date ideas. For this contest though, I want to know which of the TOP THREE (listed below) is your favorite!

So, what can you win? Well, in case you didn't know already, I love movies. Seriously, I love them. And, I think that watching a movie at home  with your partner is an easy and inexpensive (have you  tried to hire a babysitter lately?) way to spend time together. This year, Hus and I saw our fair share of flicks on our couch. Since I love movies and I also love extremely casual date nights, it only seemed natural to give away a one-month subscription of Netflix!

In particular, you will receive the $9.99 one-month subscription where you can watch movies instantly on your computer or TV, watch as many movies as you want, and "rent out" 1 DVD at a time (exchanging them as often as you want). Click HERE for more information about the Netflix plans. If you already have Netflix, this gift card of sorts can be put towards your account and if you don't have Netflix already, then you will for one month- no strings attached. Just one month of free movies.

Without further adieu, here are the 3 most viewed love lessons of 2010...drumroll please...

To make an informed decision, you can click on each link above to read the post. 

Want to win? Here's how to enter:
All you have to do is cast your vote for ONE of the three most viewed Jen's Love Lesson posts of 2010. And, you can cast your vote by clicking on the "Tell me what you think" or "Post a comment" link at the bottom of this post and leaving a comment OR by leaving a comment under the post about this contest on my Facebook fan page.

All entries (comments on Facebook and on Jen's Love Lessons) will be combined based on time of entry (so technically, if you comment on both, you're increasing your odds of winning). Then, the winner will be chosen using

You have until WEDNESDAY December 29, 2010 @ 5:00 p.m. EST to enter. The winner will be posted on the Jen's Love Lessons homepage that night. The winner will then have until 5:00 p.m. EST on January 2 to email me at with their contact information.

*All entries received after the cutoff time will be deleted prior to choosing a winner.

Good Luck!


Pants said...

Scheduling sex--who knew it would actually be a good idea. I kind of like looking forward to it--plus, it takes the pressure off for me in some way that I haven't quite analyzed yet. Best post.

Anonymous said...

i loved the happy couple post!


Anonymous said...

The scheduling sex post is my favorite


April Bittner said...

I vote for the "look at the happy couple" post.

As an unmarried woman living with her partner, I wholeheartedly believe in the "happiness brings marriage, not the other way around" theory. I fretted for a long while as to why my boyfriend had not proposed to me yet, but recently my views on the "happily ever after" crap has changed. My "happily ever after" starts and ends with actions over words. My boyfriend recently proposed... to by me braces for my teeth and not a diamond ring (yet), and I was so touched that I was in tears. I had been so worried that I was not good enough for him to get engaged to that I forgot that he loved me so much that he was willing to fix the one thing about myself I hated. He wants my happiness above all else, and for me, that is commitment that goes above and beyond the diamond class "happily ever after". The dress, the cake, the rings, the table settings and the buffet can all take a back seat to the real and everyday things that prove love. Oh yeah, and he always takes the trash out and does laundry...a huge plus!

Anonymous said...

My favorite post of those three is the "overcoming the impulse to nag" post. It's so hard to do this! Especially when you are always so stressed out!

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