giveaway: play pack from Good Clean Love!

When Good Clean Love contacted me about doing a giveaway on my blog, I was ecstatic! Hus and I have used her products, which are ALL NATURAL, for the last few years now and are absolutely in love with them. 

As her website explains, Wendy Strgar's "business offers all natural love products that will enhance your ability to enjoy the passionate side of life and educational resources to provide the insight to see your relationships with new and loving eyes." From personal lubricants to edible body candy to books to love oils, Good Clean Love has it all!

Let's talk about what you can win:

For this giveaway, you will win a Play Pack (pictured above and valued at $10) which includes 3 one-ounce packs of Good Clean Love lubricant. Specifically, you'll get Almost Naked, Lavender Rose, and Cinnamon Vanilla. As stated on the website, "Good Clean Love organic personal lubricants mimic the body’s natural female lubrication and responds with increased glide. No parabens or petrochemicals. Organic and natural ingredients, all of our lubricants are made with aloe vera, xanthan gum and agar (seaweed) to create a smooth and long lasting glide."

From personal experience (TMI?), these products are awesome! To read more about Good Clean Love, click HERE and to read more about this specific Play Pack, click HERE. Also, to become a fan of Good Clean Love on Facebook, click HERE.

Want to win? Here's how to enter:

You can enter in two ways.

First, you can leave a comment at the bottom of this post on Jen's Love Lessons. Just click on the "Tell me what you think" or "Post a comment" link at the bottom of this post and instead of having you write about why you need these products or what you would do with these products, just leave your first name and email address in the comment.

Second, you could leave a comment (or just click the "like" button) under the link to this post on my Facebook fan page.

All entries (comments on Facebook and on Jen's Love Lessons) will be combined based on time of entry (so technically, if you comment on both, you're increasing your odds of winning). Then, the winner will be chosen using

You have until THURSDAY February 10, 2010 @ 2:00 p.m. EST to enter. The winner will be posted on the Jen's Love Lessons homepage that night and I will send you a personal email (via facebook or otherwise) as well. Good Clean Love will then mail out your Play Pack.

Good luck!!!

*All entries received after the cutoff time will be deleted prior to choosing a winner.

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