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In 2008, I went to an academic conference for the Society of the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS). I was presenting a paper about taking a message production approach to studying condom negotiation... yadda yadda yadda... and I met a woman who was promoting her small business. She was charming, smart, and passionate about love, sex, and relationships. She was interesting. We had a few conversations here and there and before I left, I bought some of her products. This woman was Wendy Strgar, the founder of Good Clean Love (a business which offers all natural love products and educational resources). Over the years, I've loved reading her blog and buying more Good Clean Love products.

Wendy recently wrote her first book and when she asked me to review it, I enthusiastically agreed. Love That Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy is an insightful, eloquent book about the organic components of sustainable love. Her book is about acceptance, partnership, fulfillment, oh yeah, and sex. Wendy discusses the complexities of relationships, and it is through her discussion of these ups and downs that you realize what true love is. Wendy artfully combines her vast knowledge about love and relationships with stories about other couples and her own experiences with her 25-year marriage.

As I was reading her book, there were many instances where I was intrigued, inspired, and touched by her words. I would find myself writing down snipets in my bedside notebook or highlighting and underlining quotes in her book. For instance, in one chapter, Wendy talks about how it can be hard to love people because "collectively, we are all pretty annoying." She's right. We are all pretty darn annoying! She ends this section with a suggestion: "Let's just go forward admitting how annoying and flawed we all are, so that we aren't surprised when living together becomes challenging. We will all go in knowing that we are choosing to get over it, and in doing so, we'll find these brief yet life-changing moments of holding on to what we all want the most: each other" (p. 37). How can you not LOVE that? As my friend Marti would say, her words are glorious. Her insight about the inner-workings of relationships astounds me. In the end, Wendy's writing is multilayered, absorbing, motivational, and profound. You will love this book.

Want some more information?
  • You can buy her book HERE or read her blog HERE.
  • You can learn more about Wendy Strgar HERE.
  • You can learn more about her company Good Clean Love HERE.


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