jen's top ten: my 10 favorite relationship blogs

Sometimes academia can get a bit too highbrow and ivory tower for me. And for those of you who know me, this probably makes a lot of sense to you. I often find myself searching and searching and searching through what seems like a million journal articles (I'm a bit of an exaggerator) for practical, easy-to-understand advice about how to maintain or improve relationships. Unfortunately, a lot of relationship research is not as translational as I would like it to be. Don't get me wrong, I love this type of research and it definitely plays an important role in the academic world. But sometimes, I just want some clear advice (preferably backed up by social scientific evidence) without any of the mumbo-jumbo that accompanies academic journal articles. My desire for this straight-forward advice coupled with my belief that research should be disseminated to the masses by qualified individuals is why I created this blog. And, it's also why I regularly read a group of other relationship blogs. Just as I continuously search for academic research to use for Jen's Love Lessons, I also scour the Internet for other well-written, insightful, clever blogs (yep, I just complimented myself) to add to my daily blog-reading list. While many of the blogs I read are not supported by research, they are deeply perceptive and most are also exceptionally entertaining.

Well, I thought that it was time to share my daily reads with you. Below are my TOP TEN relationship blogs. I hope that you love them as much as I do.

Simple Marriage- Created by Dr. Corey Allan, Ph.D., Simple Marriage has 9 columnists (including Corey) who write about keeping things simple to save, maintain, and intensify your marriage. In addition to his blog, Corey also offers online marriage courses, e-books, and "marriage jams," among other products and services. Corey's writing has made a couple of appearances in my wise love words series HERE and HERE.

The Dating Divas- These 11 happily married women write about how to keep your relationship alive and kicking by going on unique dates. And they have a TON of ideas for you! They have dates for just the two of you, four or more people, and all of the theme dates you can think of (and a lot you've never thought of!). They're creative and entertaining.

Good Clean Love's Making Love Sustainable Blog- Wendy Strgar, the Chairwoman and Founder of Good Clean Love (a business which offers all natural love products and educational resources), writes this blog. Let me just say that she's amazing. If you like to read eloquent, vivid, creative writing, then her blog should be part of your life. Wendy is one of the better writers I know (and I'm surrounded by writers). Her intuitiveness about the dynamics of relationships and sex (!) amazes me. In fact, Wendy's writing has appeared in my wise love words series a few times HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Hot Alpha Female- I really like how honest, blunt, and down-to-earth Hot Alpha Female is when writing about her experiences in the dating world. She's entertaining and says a lot of the stuff that you want to say but decide to bite your lip instead.

Le Love- Le Love is "dedicated to love. The good, the bad, and the unknown." I love this blog because all of the posts are submitted by readers, so the topics covered run the gamut. And, the photos used on this blog are gorgeous.

Marriage Gems- Like myself, Lori Lowe, the creator of Marriage Gems, also uses academic research to back up her writing. I enjoy reading Lori's posts and I'm especially excited about a few of her series for 2011 including her Research-Based Love Tips series on Mondays, her Happy Life, Happy Marriage series on Wednesdays, her Keeping the Spark Alive series on Fridays.

Therapy Notes- Creators Esther and Llouana are "just a couple regular gals with a passion for helping others," as explained on their site. These women combine their personal and professional experiences (Llouana is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor, while Esther is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) tow rite about the trails, tribulations, and joys that come with love, marriage, and parenting.

Married Man Sex Life- As he describes himself on his blog, "Athol Kay is an innovative thinker, humorist, and family man with a one track mind." While some of his comments are a teeny bit sexist, his wittiness makes me forget about all that men-and-women-are-from-different-planets-and-therefore-cannot-communicate-with-one-another nonsense. Regardless, he gives some concrete advice and much of it is backed up by psychological and sociological ideas. A good read indeed.

52 Love Stories- This blog is for all of you who love to be in love. Stefanie Ellis, the creator of this blog, posts real love stories of others. Some are funny, some are inspirational, and some are just cute.

But if I had to pick ONE blog that stands out from the rest, it would have to be Project Happily Ever After, written by Alisa Bowman. Clearly, I absolutely LOVE her book, Project Happily Ever After: Saving Your Marriage When the Fairytale Falters. But, I also think that her blog is just fabulous! I can't seem to get enough of her. And, I know that ALL OF YOU will love her too. That's a pretty big statement for me, but I stand behind it.
A few of my favorite posts (I love most of her posts!) by Alisa include:
I also adore the her Group Therapy series. Check out Project Happily Ever After and all of the other blogs mention above; you'll be happy that you did!

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So, what's YOUR favorite relationship blog?


Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life said...

Thank for the link love and the nod Jen, very much appreciated.

I'm not familar with all the blogs on your top ten, but the ones I know of are all worthwhile reads. I'll be checking the others out in short order.

Oh, and...

"Teeny bit sexist?"... but that's what you like about me baby!

Ashley ~ What Does a Songbird Sing? said...

I read the Dating Divas blog all the time too! But I have been on the look out for a few other relationship blogs too, so I am excited to see your top ten list! Thanks

Tara said...

Thank you for the referral! :) We are flattered! You have the cutest little website! Love your design!

Thanks again, Tara
(One of the Dating Divas)

Mortgage Refinance said...

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Relationship Disaster said...

Those are some really nice blogs. I visited quite a few of them and can why they are in your top ten. If you have some time, why not check out my blog which is about common relationship problems and ways to deal with them. You might like :)

Angela said...

My favorite relationship site is because it happens to be mine. But I have to say that I truly enjoy your site as well. I have been cruising around here tonight checking out the offerings and it's quite interesting to get different perspectives on things I have written about. I like having a list of legitimate blogs that give trustworthy advice. I might add something like that to my site in the future. Thanks!

samuel christian said...

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Allyson said...

Thank you so much for these valuable suggestions!

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this! i love those! but my favorite relationship blog that talks about dating is "the blog you wish your boyfriend read"
it's very thought provoking and hilarious! check it out!

Anonymous said...

Just read that one!! the blog you wish your boyfriend read.. genius!

Anonymous said...

The Blog You Wish Your Boyfriend Read! lol it's hilarious!! LOVE love it! I think callymon and I would be great friends, Thanks jen!!

Uplifting Quotes said...

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Cyndi Briggs said...

I love that you're doing this! I left full-time academia about 18 months ago (and haven't looked back, frankly) and my brother teaches at JMU :). I'm so excited I found your blog! Keep up your good work!

Bill Ong said...

I have fascinated in romance and the subtle differences in perception of Venus and Mars in relationship to Romance. Your top 10 blogs have given me a great starting point to glean more insight and a great standard from which to enrich my fascination and grow my understanding from a great variety of points of view.. Thank you tons.. Your blog now is on my follow list...

Isaac Sarayiah said...

Hi Jen
Would you have a look at my blog - and tell me what you think? It is my views on Life, Love and Relationships to help others and I launched it 8 months ago and today it receives over 2000 visitors a week from around the world.

Hope you have had a wonderful day.
Kind regards
Isaac Sarayiah

Ramone said...

I'm always scouring the net looking for good write-ups on relationships, you can always learn something new about love. I'll check all this blogs out, have already seen some stuff on Married Man Sex Life and I definitely give a thumbs up on the recommendation. Thanks!

Christian Date said...

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Anonymous said...

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datingcoach said...

Great share there. I love the your top 5.... I am a big fan of them as well!

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Kamilla Rocha said...

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Maya Stern said...

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Nicole Thomas said...

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Hugh Jampton said...

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Hugh said...

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Robin said...

One of my favorite current favorite writers is Mark Marino.
His book helped me find my current boyfriend!

Oliver Werry said...

Great list! I will surely take a look at all those 10 sites. Thanks!

Rose said...

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful list. I also stumbled across this link and they seem to have some very good articles on relationships...worth a peek.

Ryan Doyce said...

Interesting choices! Seems to be rather a list of predominately female blogs though, or are these the top 10 relationship blogs in general? - how about popular relationship blogs with a majority of males users like
"" for example?

Beth said...

Great list.. I don't agree very much with the last one, but they're all good!

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I Must Dtae Her said...

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Ronda said...

You know what... I appreciate this list. I'm trying to get into the relationship community and this helps me out in a big way. Its all about learning from one another.

Jacky said...

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Amy said...

Great tips! I will check out all 10 as I have a bunch to learn!
Thank you

John said...

I kind of agree with what you are saying and there are some fine points you are making, but I feel that not everyone would feel that way. I know relationships are hard and have to work both ways but compromises do have to be made and accepted which in the end makes relationships stronger, dont you think???

Lynn S. said...

Thank you for this list of relationship blogs. Relationships aren't always easy and having great resources such as these can help when things get rough.

YouMeetME said...

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Jessica Theroux said...

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