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I've been getting some GREAT reviews of my new book, Make Love, Not Scrapbooks, since it's release and I thought I'd share a few of my favs with you (Don't you feel special? I totally would.).

"The first thing that struck me about Jen's book is that it reads just like a conversation you'd have with a good friend... you know, over coffee as you spill your guts and admit how badly your husband pissed you off the other day, while she nods her head in agreement and says, 'You're preaching to the choir, sister.'"
(*Click HERE to read the entire book review)
-Helene, Mommy Blogger ( and Stay-at-Home Mom to TWO sets of twins

"It is rare to find a book that depicts relationships so honestly, provides so much in the way of valid and useful information, and yet is fluid, conversational and engaging throughout.  Dr. Jennie Gill Rosier has done a fantastic job with this book, and I hope that people who are interested in trustworthy advice about relationships buy it!"
(*Click HERE to read the entire review)
- Dr. Steve McCornack, Ph.D., author of Reflect & Relate and Associate Professor of Communication at Michigan State University

"One of the things I love about this book is that it's not only jam packed with well-researched information, but it's also full of personal stories to make it all real."
(*Click HERE to read the entire review)
-Sean Marshall, co-creator of The Family Rocketship

"Make Love, Not Scrapbooks is like an insurance policy for a happy marriage. Do everything suggested in this book and neither of you will ever need the services of a divorce lawyer."
-Alisa Bowman, author of Project Happily Ever After

"I literally read the whole book cover to cover last night- wow! I love the way you wrote it because it feels so personal like you're talking right to me but you also have all this data and research to back it all up. LOVE it! Looking forward to any other books you put out in the future!"
-Paige, loyal Jen's Love Lessons reader & dating Brian since 2009

Thanks everyone for the kind words! 

Do you have a blog and want to review my new book for your readers? Send me an email at jenslovelessons {at} gmail {dot} com so we can work something out (i.e. a free reviewer copy for you and a copy for one of your lucky readers).

Don't have a blog, but you still want to let me know what you think? You can either send me an email at jenslovelessons {at} gmail {dot} com or post your review on my Facebook fan page. I'll post your email/wall post review on the website for my book and on my Facebook fan page!


favorazzi said...

from the reviews you have, it sounds like your book is going to be a great read.

i wish you the best

Jennie said...

Thanks, favorazzi!

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