this is love... photo contest!

Again, I'm stealing ideas from another blogger. Okay, well it's a mix of ideas from a couple of bloggers.

First, I was recently reading one of my fav blogs, Better After, and loved voting for her "Ugly Lamp" contest. People emailed Lindsay (the blogger for that site) photos of their ugly lamps, she picked her top 10 or so ugly lamps, and then readers voted on the lamps to find one winner

Second, Shell, over at Things I Can't Say, is currently doing a "Magic Moments" photo contest where readers can link up photos of their magic moments to her blog. The winning prizes are insane, with one person winning a Canon Power Shot s95 (SRV $399.99)! Holy shit! By the way, there's still time to enter her giveaway (it ends on the 19th). Click HERE to enter her contest.

So, while I don't have a fancy linky tool thing or a $400 grand prize, I can definitely accept photo submissions via email and I think that a $100 gift card is good enough, right?

I know what you're thinking: HOW CAN I ENTER THIS AMAZING CONTEST, JENNIE?

Here are the details:
  1. Take a photo (or send me a photo you already have) of something that you think IS LOVE. It can be anything. Maybe your cup of Starbuck's coffee screams "love" to you or you have a favorite book that you think epitomizes "love" (It's my book, isn't it? It's okay, you can tell me.). It really can be anything (see my examples below). 
  2. Email it to me at jenslovelessons {at} gmail {dot} com-- put "Love Photo Contest" in the subject line
  3. I'll post my favorite 5 photos on my blog.
  4. Readers will get to vote on their favorite photo. (Read the UPDATE below)
  5. The winner will receive a $100 TARGET gift card!!!
The deadline for this contest is October 15, 2011 at 5pm.

Sorry, but you can only submit ONE photo to this contest.

Pretty sweet, huh? I think so.

I'll leave you will a couple photos that I would submit if I were in your position...


I've been getting a lot of great photos and I already know that I'm not going to be able to decide on the top five. So, instead of picking the top five and then you picking the winner, I'm going to put ALL of the photo entries in an album on my Facebook fan page and then everyone can vote on the photo that they like the most by "liking" it.


laura said...

first off, as a new homebuyer a $100 Target gift card is pretty sweet. don't knock it.

And when's the deadline, missy :-P

Jennie said...

thanks, laura! done.

Samantha said...

Hi! I'm a new reader :) And I will definitely be joining in. I love a good contest!

Jennie said...

@Samantha- Great! I'm looking forward to your submission!

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