wise love words: there's help for every relationship

I recently found this great article on MasterInCounceling.org about "30 exceptional Q&A sites on effective relationship counseling." There are so many awesome resources in this article.

Here are a few of my favs:

100 Premarital Questions: This page is filled with questions offered by SunniPath, the online Islamic Academy. In this culture, there is usually an imam who does 3 sessions or even more of premarital counseling in which the 2 individuals have to respond to a series of questions.

Marriage Counseling Questions To Strengthen Your Relationship: Marriage counseling questions designed to help a couple address problems and enhance their relationship. These questions are typical marriage counseling questions.

Just Answer — Relationship: Recommended by CNN.com, NBC.com, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Good morning America and the Today show, this site allows users to ask questions and obtain answers from relationship counselors.

Click HERE to read the full article!

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