creepers, casanovas, & friends with benefits: decoding dating slang of the 21st century

I teach undergraduates. And I listen to them talk to each other (because I'm nosey like that). And several times a day, I think, "What the hell are they talking about?" Sometimes, I ask them. And then I'm confused. Not about the definition they provide, but about the fact that I had no knowledge about the term in question.

I don't understand. I'm with it. I'm down. At least I thought I was.

Well, in case the rest of you want to brush up your love lingo, here's a list of some surprising (and not-so-surprising) definitions of today's slang.

A person who is engaging in a mild form of stalking. It is usually used to describe a person who is making unwanted advances towards another person or even a person who is continuing to make direct or indirect advances after the targeted individual has clearly refused them. Other people may use the verb form of creep to explain anyone approaching someone he or she is romantically interested in.

To have sex.

A popular male who is highly successful in courting women.

Friends with Benefits
Two individuals who are engaging in sexual interactions together with limited to no emotional attachment or commitment.

Talking about a sexual experience with a partner directly following the interaction. Think of it like a play-by-play of your sex life. The couple will discuss the ups and downs of their recent sexual encounter.

This acronym represents the saying, Down to Fuck. In essence, DTF describes a female who is ready to have (usually casual) sex with a man. Men will describe women in this manner when they have come to this realization through interaction with her.

And for your viewing pleasure, here's a cute video about three more slang terms that are used in the dating world... by real people, apparently.

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