ice loves coco: just entertainment or a lesson about marriage?

I vote the latter. And this is not just because I like the show (which I do).

Based on both my personal and professional opinion, Ice-T and Coco Austin have a pretty incredible partnership. Their E! Channel show (Ice Loves Coco) lets viewers take a peak into their personal life together, which is sometimes crazy, but always filled with love.

Although a lot of people might look at them and think that they're superficial or just a couple of TV stars who are looking for their 15-minutes of fame,
let me be the first to say that Ice-T and Coco have a really great marriage and that they can teach you a thing or two about how to successfully share a life with another person. In fact, I use them as an example of excellence several times when I teach my undergraduates about relationship maintenance. Ice-T and Coco seem to truly understand what it takes to keep a marriage afloat. Don't believe me yet? Below are three important lessons about marriage that you can learn from watching Ice-T and Coco.

Respect is necessary.
Ice-T and Coco truly respect one another. They value one another's opinion. They acknowledge one another's thoughts, feelings, and point of view. They listen to each other. They play on the same team. They make requests instead of demands. They don't demean one another. They don't criticize and they don't make fun of each other. And, they are equal partners in their marriage; they do not have a parent-child relationship. Ice does not boss Coco around and Coco does not boss Ice around (and they don't nag either). They truly respect each other. And it's clear to anyone who watches them.

Spending quality time with your mate is key to building your relationship.
If you watch the show, it seems like Ice-T and Coco are always together. They actually like being around one another. In fact, Coco has openly said that she's never spent a night away from Ice-T. Now, I don't know if spending every single night together is the key to your marriage (some of us need a break from time to time), but wanting to be around your partner is a good thing. Doing things together can easily bring you closer as a couple and increase feelings of intimacy within your marriage. People want to be around others, especially when the other person is their partner-in-crime. Knowing that your partner enjoys spending time with you is comforting. Whether they're going on an extravagant vacation or just sitting on the couch together, Ice and Coco really love spending time with one another.

Spice things up.
Ice and Coco know how to keep it sexy in their marriage. They understand the importance of balancing predictability with novelty. They have things that they do on a regular basis in their daily or weekly routine. But, they also keep things interesting by spicing things up here and there. They go on little vacations, they do new activities that are outside of their routine, and they seem to have an active and satisfying sex life from what they say in the show. All of these things help strengthen their marriage.

So the next time you watch Ice Loves Coco on the E! Channel, look for these little marriage gems and try implementing them into your own life.

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