quick love tip: snuggle

Our new baby, Paxton, is now two months old. And through all of the rigmarole of having a new baby, Hus and I have... well... forgotten about the importance of a few things. And one of those things is snuggling. It's not like we literally forgot. It's just that we haven't had a whole lot of time to ourselves while adjusting to our new life with three children (two of which are ridiculously rambunctious and one of which is ridiculously needy). 

Snuggling was always a big part of our pre-children life together. We would snuggle on the couch while watching tv, snuggle in bed while sleeping, or snuggle in a chair while talking about our daily events. Then, we had children. Attention-draining, time-consuming, stress-inducing, conflict-creating little people. Our time alone (when we usually cuddled) was cut down from all day long to a few hours here or a few minutes there. And our bed became a family bed. This, in turn, significantly decreased the frequency of our snuggle time.

As our twins aged, we got back to snuggling more and more. When I got pregnant again, I vowed (to myself) to work harder at maintaining closeness with Hus this time around. Then, I was put on strict bed rest and was unable to move for most of the day. I lived on our couch and Hus took over. He did everything related to caring for the twins and our house. He. Was. Exhausted. And snuggling was put on the back burner once again.

But we're working on it. Last week, the twins went to bed and Pax nursed at the same time. We knew we had a few hours before Pax needed to nurse again and the couch was available. We put on a movie... and snuggled. And boy, it was glorious. I forgot just how great it felt to curl up with my husband and just relax. We ended up both falling asleep on the couch until Paxton needed our attention again 3 hours later. But for those 3 hours, we snuggled. We snuggled and we didn't think about anything else. Just each other.

If snuggling is not your thing, that's okay. The point of this post is to help you not forget to connect (in whatever way you want) with your partner. Unfortunately, kids, work, and other daily stressors can cause us to "forget" about working on our relationship. Don't let this happen! Remember to snuggle.

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ovulation said...

totally agreed
I love snuggling :)

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