books i love: 4 books you must read when you have a baby

Learning about babies before you have one can definitely help you manage those first few months in your new life. While I feel like I've read a ton of books on parenting, there are definitely a few that stand out in my head as MUST READS for new parents. Hell, I didn't read this first suggestion until after we already had two kids and I was pregnant with our third. And let me tell you, it changed my life. I can honestly say that if you only have time for one book, Harvey Karp's is the one to read. Over and over and over.

A couple of books to read together
(i.e. the info in these books is stuff you BOTH should know):

1. The Happiest Baby on the Block:
The New Way to Calm Crying
and Help Your Newborn Sleep Longer
By: Harvey Karp, M.D.

After your life is changed by this one,
go ahead and buy the sequel:

2. The Attachment Connection:
Parenting a Secure and Confident
Child Using the Science of
Attachment Theory
By: Ruth Newton, Ph.D. & Allan Schore, Ph.D.

And a couple of books for shits and giggles (because you're gonna need 'em!):

3. Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay: 
And Other Things I Had to Learn as a New Mom
By: Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

4. Sleep is for the Weak:
The Best of the Mommybloggers
By: Rita Arens & Stacy Morrison

What's your favorite parenting book?

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