guest post: 10 tips to improve communication with your other half

Being able to share your inner most feelings, and spending the time to listen to your partner’s, can mean the difference between make or break in any relationship. Here are ten easy tips for anyone looking to improve their communication skills with their other half. 


1. Listen to each other

Sound obvious? Ineffective listening remains the backbone of most relationship problems. Switch off your mobile and give your partner your full attention.

2. Stay focused

Between cooking dinner and getting the kids ready for bed, it’s easy to get distracted when listening to your partner’s problems. It’s important to stay focused on what your partner is saying and give your full attention.

3. Try and see things from their point of view

You might not always agree with what your partner has to say, but it’s important to consider things from their point of view.

4. Show empathy and understanding

Use your body language to show your understanding and empathy about your partner’s concerns. Make a point of showing eye contact, nodding and positioning your body language to show you are receptive to their ideas.

5. Use technology wisely

Technology can be a big disruption is a couples’ ability to communicate. It can be easy to misunderstand a person’s meaning in a text message, so stick to a phone call to keep things clear and easy to understand.

However, when it comes to bringing people together technology can be one of your greatest assets. Online dating sites, like eHarmony, not only specialise in bringing together compatible people, they also give them the opportunity to really get to know one another in a safe and comfortable environment.

6. Don’t enter the blame-game cycle

It’s not uncommon for couples to enter disagreeable patterns and cycles in their relationship, like finding fault and laying blame. Make a point of breaking the blame-game cycle and instead look for the positive in their behaviour.   

7. Make the time

In our busy modern lifestyles, one of the biggest hurdles is healthy communication time. Make time to talk in a happy and friendly environment, like a trip to your favourite café or restaurant.

8. Ask for help

If communication has sunk to an all time low and you can’t seem to interact without arguing, there’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help. Relationship counselling is a positive step that can break the negative cycle.

9. Take time out

If you’re fighting a lot, sometimes it’s worthwhile taking time out. It might mean going for a walk to clear your head, it might mean staying a night at your parents. Either way, creating space can give you the perspective you need to see things clearly.

10. Stay positive

Negativity breeds negativity. Stay positive, smile and make sure your partner knows above all else that you love them.

This also applies if you’re still looking for love following the breakdown of an old relationship. If communication was the downfall in the past, this time around, why not consider online dating? For eHarmony users, the diversity of the membership means singles have the chance to really get to know other people, at a speed and style that best suits them.

This article was a guest post by Alice Johnson. Alice is a freelance writer who writes extensively on a variety of topics related to relationships, dating, travel and food.

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