just for the love of it: a few interesting relationship articles

I'm teaching a small class at JMU this semester about communication in romantic relationships (and yes, it's just as fun as you're imagining). One of the assignments in our class is to find online popular press articles that are somehow related to the topic of that week and post the link to the article on our class Facebook fan page. We're only a few weeks in, but my students have already posted links to some really interesting articles. And because I like to share great ideas about relationships, I thought I'd post a few of them here (you're welcome). And if they continue to continue posting these funny, fascinating, and/or shocking articles, I'll continue to post them periodically over the next few months.

The Barry White Syndrome: Why are Deep Voices Attractive?
by Scientific American

A Little Too Good to be True: Deceptive Tactics in Dating
by Science of Relationships

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